FAQ Gears and brakes

The most frequently asked questions about our gears and brakes can be found here!

What number of gears and brakes does Bayck have?

Bayck uses 2 very reliable brands:

  • Shimano Nexus for the 5 and 7 gears Bayck
  • Sturmey Archer for the 3-speed Bayck

The type of brake depends on the number of gears you choose:

  • 3 gears: hydraulic disc brake at the front and back-pedal brake at the rear
  • 5 and 7 gears: hydraulic disc brake front and rear

What is the best choice in number of gears?

  • 3 Gears: short distances and mostly flat landscape
  • 5 gears: short to medium distances and slightly hilly landscape
  • 7 Gears: long distances and/or more hilly landscape

What type of gear does Bayck have?

Bayck uses a hub gear.
Features of a hub gear are:

  • Gears incorporated in the center of the rear wheel
  • Shifting using a rotary handle on the handlebar

What are the advantages of a hub gear?

  • The e-bike has a semi-closed chain guard
  • This makes the chain guard more maintenance-friendlyThis makes the chain guard more maintenance-friendly
  • Switching is possible when you are standing still