Bayck Instructional Videos and Manual

On this page you will find useful information about the Bayck.
We explain, among other things, how to download and use the app in both PDF and handy videos.

How does the "My E-bike App" work?

You can control your Bayck e-bike via the “My e-bike” app. Watch the video and discover what you can do with the app, how to give your bike its own name and where to create the personal security code.

How does the battery work?

This video explains:

  • How to turn your battery on and off
  • How to get the battery in and out of the frame
  • How to use the battery as a power bank

How do I change the color cover?

The color cover from Bayck is available in 11 colours. This way you can easily give your e-bike a different look. Watch the video to change your color cover step by step.

How do I properly adjust my saddle?

It is important to adjust the saddle to the correct height. In this video we explain how best to do this.

How do I adjust my steering wheel?

It is important that the steering wheel is in the correct position for you. Watch the video to see how to loosen and adjust your handlebars.

The Bayck Manual

In this manual you will find everything you want to know about our electric bicycle! You can also easily print it out.