Collaboration Decathlon

Decathlon and Bayck enter into a unique collaboration

Decathlon Belgium enters into a partnership with Bayck; the new and promising e-bike retailer. The e-bike is now available at the Decathlon branch in Ghent. From November, Bayck’s range will be available for sale online via Decathlon Marketplace. The roll-out to 7 other Decathlon Belgium branches will start in 2021.

An e-bike for everyone! With a view to a broad target group, a connection was created between Decathlon and Bayck almost immediately. Decathlon is known for its gigantic stores across Europe, selling an extensive range of sporting goods. For over 44 years, Decathlon has been the Walhalla for every athlete and outdoor activist. From golf ball to basketball, and now from mountain bike to e-bike.

From November, Bayck’s e-bikes will be for sale via Decathlon Marketplace; the webshop that is currently being finalized. First, the e-bikes are offered via the online platform, after which the range is supplemented with accessories in time. On Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September, customers and other interested parties have the opportunity to make a foretaste in the Decathlon Gent car park (Vliegtuiglaan 8). Everyone is welcome throughout the day, during the opening hours from 09:00-19:30, to experience what makes it so special.

What makes Bayck unique is the use of a modular system with which the consumer assembles his own e-bike. Where you can choose from e-bikes that have already been manufactured at the standard bicycle shop, a Bayck bicycle can be put together independently. You first choose a number of gears and a braking system, after which you can personalize the bicycle with different colored hoods, batteries and accessories. The different building parts fit on each platform, so you can switch every so often. Bayck thus focuses on a much broader (and also younger) target group.

Ultimately, 320 unique ‘baycks’ can be made with the various parts. And that’s just the beginning for now, as more components and services are in development. All individual parts are made in such a way that any combination is possible, it’s just like Lego, but with e-bike parts. This modular system makes Bayck a fully circular bicycle. When a part breaks, it can easily be replaced by a part that is always in stock. Bicycles that can no longer be used for sale will be given a second life, will soon be offered as shared bicycles in cities and places where public transport is scarce, making Bayck an ideal mobility partner.

By responding to important social themes such as mobility, sustainability and circularity, Bayck’s organization hopes to unleash a revolution in the field of transport. Thanks to the infinite range of possibilities, Back has managed to create an e-bike that is available to everyone.