The most frequently asked questions about our battery can be found here!

What type of battery does a Bayck have?

Bayck uses a powerful and durable 36V Lithium-ion battery.

The battery is available in:

  • 9Ah with a range of 80 km
  • 13Ah with a range of 125 km

What are the advantages of a Lithium-ion battery?

What are the advantages of a Lithium-ion battery?

  • This type of battery has a long life
  • Risk of self-discharge is very low
  • Lighter in weight than other types of batteries
  • Recharging is possible without affecting the power

Which battery do I need?

  • Range approximately 80 km (9Ah)strong,
    Daily things such as shopping, short distances to work or picking up the children.
  • Range approximately 125 km (13Ah)
    Longer distances and/or hilly area. In hilly areas, more power is required from the battery, which means that it drains faster.

What influences the range of my Bayck?

The range of your battery depends on several factors that determine the degree of power:

  • Hilly area
  • headwind
  • Tire pressure
  • Support mode
  • Cyclist’s weight

The range that we mention is based on the perfect situation,
i.e. flat terrain with no headwind with well-inflated tires,
the lowest support position and an average weight cyclist.

How long does it take for the battery to be charged?

  • An empty battery is charged within 4 hours
  • After 2 hours the battery is 75% charged. The last 25% takes the longest
  • The battery does not have to be completely empty, you can always recharge it!
  • The battery charger shows a red light if the battery is not yet fully charged.
  • When the light is green, the battery is fully charged

How can I see what my remaining battery life is?

You can view the battery capacity in 2 ways:

  • Press the power button on the battery.
    The number of lights indicates approximately how much capacity you have left
  • Go to the app and connect to the battery.
    At the bottom left of the home screen of the app you can see the exact percentage

Do I have to switch off the battery after using the e-bike?

The battery switches itself off after about 5 minutes!

How do I use my battery as a power bank?

The battery is removable and contains a USB connection.
You can use the battery as a power bank.

A selection of the possibilities:

  • Charge your phone while cycling
  • Charge your laptop, e-reader, I-pad on the train
  • Take your battery to the beach to connect your JBL box and even your cool box

How do I ensure an optimal lifespan for my battery?

  • It is best to remove the battery from the frame when you charge it
  • Preferably you charge and store the battery at room temperature
  • Remove the battery from the charger when it is full. The battery is charged when the charger shows a green light

Can I order the battery separately?

The different batteries can also be ordered separately via service@bayck.com.

Prices for individual batteries:

  • Range 80 km: € 249.99
  • Range 125 km: €399.99

Is the battery protected against theft?

  • The battery can only be removed with the corresponding key
  • The keyhole can be found on the side of the frame

Tip: Always keep the key of your battery together with the key of your Axa bicycle lock

Do both variants of the battery fit on my Bayck?

Both batteries fit on your frame.

If you have bought a Bayck with an 80 km battery, you can easily use it
replaced by the 125 km battery and vice versa.

Watch the video about the Bayck Lithium-ion battery here!