How far you can ride a Bayck electric bike, you choose.
Bayck has two different batteries.
One has a range of about 80 km and the other about 125 km.

When do I choose which battery?

Depending on the purpose for which you use the electric bike, you choose the battery:

36V 9ah, Range of approximately 80 km

For the cyclist who uses the electric bike for everyday items such as shopping, short distances to work or picking up and dropping off the children, Bayck recommends the battery with a range of about 80 km.

36V 13ah, Range of approximately 125 km

For the avid cyclist who cycles more longer distances, Bayck recommends the battery with a range of about 125 km.

Important: The range of your battery depends on several factors such as the conditions in which you cycle:

  • slopes
  • headwind
  • tire pressure

The chosen support mode also influences the range of your bike. As a result, the range may deviate from the indicated kilometers.

How long does it take for the battery to be charged?

An empty battery is charged within 4 hours on average. For charging, the battery does not have to be completely empty. So you can also “top it up” for a while. If you want to see the remaining battery life, you can do so in 2 ways:
Press the battery power button or view the app home screen when connected.

Should I turn off the battery?

After cycling, always turn off your battery. This will prevent your battery from “draining” and leaving you with unpleasant surprises. Your battery turns off by holding down the button on top of the battery for a few seconds. You see the lights recede/go out one by one.

How do I ensure an optimal lifespan for my battery?

It is best to remove the battery from the frame when charging it. Preferably charge and store the battery at room temperature. Remove the battery from the charger when it is full. The battery is full when all lights turn green.

If your bike is stored in a non-heated area, we recommend removing the battery from the bike and storing it at room temperature.

What type of battery does a Bayck have?

Bayck has a lithium-ion battery. This has a number of advantages:

  • A lithium-ion battery has a long service life.
  • Discharge of this type of battery is low.
  • The battery does not have to be completely empty to charge it

Can you also order the battery separately?

The different batteries can also be ordered separately via

Cost for an additional battery is:

Range 80 km: € 216, – incl. VAT
Range 125 km: € 394 incl. VAT

Is my battery protected?

The battery is protected by a lock. So you can only take the battery out with a corresponding key. The keyhole can be found on the side of the frame.

Will both batteries fit on my Bayck?

Both batteries fit on your frame.

If you bought a Bayck with an 80 km battery, you can easily replace it with the 125 km battery and vice versa.

Note that you disconnect your battery using the key.

Powerbank tijdens fietsen

How do I use my battery as a power bank?

The battery is equipped with a usb connection. You can connect various electrical devices to this.
Your battery does not need to be connected to the frame for this.

You name it; Charge your phone while biking, charge your laptop on the train and take your battery to the beach to plug in your cooler. With your battery as a power bank, you are never out of order again.

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