All Bayck electric bicycles are equipped with a front-wheel or center motor.

Typical of a front-wheel bike is the riding style. Support starts after you have already pedaled yourself once. The bike kicks into gear, so to speak. Once underway, you don’t have to apply much force yourself. One advantage of a center motor is that it rides like a regular bicycle without assistance.

The center motor features a pedal force sensor, gives a more natural riding feel.

What is the power of the engine?

The Bayck is equipped with a front-wheel motor with a power of 40Nm. The center motor has a power of 80Nm.

What are the advantages of a front wheel and center motor?

  • front wheel motor
  • The bike maintains a sporty riding style
  • It is possible to cycle without support
  • It is cheaper than another type of engine
  • Requires little maintenance

  • Center motor
  • The bike has a natural riding feel
  • Because of the central position of the center motor and battery, the Bayck’s center of gravity is also in the middle. That makes this model Bayck even more comfortable
  • Extra power for in hilly and mountainous terrain   

Is an e-bike with front-wheel motor safe?

An e-bike with a front-wheel motor is certainly safe. Because the drive is in the front wheel, it is important to stop pedaling and reduce speed early before the turn. Don’t start pedaling again until after the turn.