Controlling e-bike with a display and app as backup

With your display you control, among other things, the support while cycling. Should your display be unexpectedly broken, you always have the My e-bike app on your cell phone as a back up.

Why have an app as a backup?

Your Bayck has a display with about 15 functions. Even though you are so careful with your Bayck it can happen that your display can be damaged because your Bayck has fallen over. Then it’s handy to have the Bayck app as a backup. The app then replaces your standard display that sits on the handlebars of an e-bike. Nowadays, everyone has their smartphones with them at all times and you can still continue to use your Bayck! You easily download the app on your smartphone. Using the app makes the electric bike lout-proof.

How do I operate my display while cycling?

Your display is on the left side of your handlebars, near your left handlebar. It is easy to operate. Even if you have a display in the middle of your handlebars, it is still easy to operate by the “remote control” near your left handlebar. Do you use your smartphone to navigate, place a phone holder on the handlebars. The phone holder can be ordered as an accessory in the webshop.

What functions does your display have?

Your display is your connection to your electric bike and regates the support of your bike. Further:

  • Does it indicate your speed
  • Indicates the kilometers cycled
  • Indicates the remaining battery life
  • And many other features

How do I download and install the app when my display no longer works?

Watch the video below or follow the next steps:

  1. Download the ” My E-bike” app in Apple’s app store or for Android in the Playstore.
  2. Turn on the bluetooth on your phone. You do this in your settings.
  3. Click on the icon to open app.
  4. Turn on the battery/battery. Press the button on top of the battery.
  5. In the app, click the bluetooth icon in the upper right corner and then the blue “Scan” button.
  6. Your e-bike number appears on the screen. Select this number and press connect.
  7. The app asks for a code. The e-bike’s default code is 120117.
  8. The e-bike is connected when the bluetooth icon is blue and you can adjust the support in the main menu with the plus or minus.

How do I change the name of my e-bike?

You give the e-bike its own name in the app under the settings heading:

  • Click on the gear icon at the top left of the app
  • Choose the settings option
  • Press “Name” and edit the name

How do I give my e-bike a personal code?

The e-bike’s default code is: 120117. You can change this to a personal code in the app under the settings heading:

  • Click on the gear icon at the top left of the app
  • Choose the settings option
  • Press “Set Password” and choose a 6-digit code

See how the " My e-bike" app works here