Bicycle Plan

Company bicycle: how does it work?

There is a difference whether your employer purchases the e-bike or whether you do so. Read the differences below.

Your employer buys you Bayck.

A company bicycle makes it possible to use an electric bicycle for commuting. You do not have to buy a bicycle yourself. From a tax point of view, you may use the company bicycle for private purposes without limitation.

If you use a company bicycle privately, you benefit from this. You pay wage tax on the value of this benefit (the addition). The addition is 7% of the purchase price of the bicycle and accessories (including VAT) per year. The employer adds this amount to the salary. You pay tax on this monthly.

You buy your Bayck.

You buy your Bayck through the bike plan your employer is affiliated with. The purchase of your bike is pre-financed and a fixed amount is deducted from your pay each month to repay the bike. Depending on the bicycle plan to which your employer is affiliated, you can submit your electric bicycle in full on the basis of your gross salary. In a number of cases, such as the bicycle plan to which Bayck is affiliated, a large part is submitted gross, but you will have to pay the net amount for the remainder.

Which bicycle plan is Bayck affiliated with?

Bayck is affiliated with Fisc Free/ National Bicycle Projects.

The bicycle plan offers you the opportunity to buy an electric bicycle with tax benefits through your employer once every 3 years.
You buy the electric bicycle up to a maximum amount of € 749 based on your gross salary, which means that you do not have to pay any income tax on this. If the purchase amount is higher than the maximum amount, you will pay this remaining amount of your net salary and you will not receive any tax benefit on this.

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Is your employer affiliated with another bicycle plan?

If so, please contact us:


You can also lease your electric bike. You then help make the world a little more sustainable again, because after the term, we give your Bayck a 2nd or 3rd life by using your Bayck as a rental or sharing bike. Our leasing partner Fietslease Holland will contact you to coordinate the lease term with you.

If you would like to lease your bike, please contact us:

Do I qualify for Bayck leasing?

Before Fietslease Holland makes a lease agreement with you, they screen your creditworthiness. Therefore, the decision of whether or not you qualify to lease your e-bike lies not with Bayck but with Fietslease Holland. We as Bayck have no control over this.

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